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The price of natural gas in our country will be slashed since April 1

The price of natural gas in our country will be slashed since April 1

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The national development and Reform Commission recently announced that since April 1 this year, prices formal merger of the stock of natural gas gas and incremental valve station. At the same time, the opening of the pilot direct supply users with gas prices. Non residents with gas prices to rationalize, means that the reform of natural gas to complete the ice breaking trip". Since the second half of 2014, fuel oil and liquefied petroleum gas and other alternative energy prices with the international market, a relatively large decline in oil prices, for natural gas prices to provide a favorable time window. In accordance with the current natural gas price formation mechanism, the highest in the provinces of incremental gas station price per cubic meter reduced to 0.44 yuan, the highest stock of gas station prices increase 0.04 yuan, price in the merger. This is the first time in our country to cut prices of natural gas. After the reform, the proportion of natural gas market pricing increased from 25% to 40%.
National Development and Reform Commission official said, the ultimate goal of natural gas price reform is to completely release the gas price, the government only has a natural monopoly nature of the pipeline transport prices and gas prices. At the same time, this year to establish a comprehensive residential gas price ladder system. Natural gas as carbon enterprises is an important energy consumption for carbon enterprise, the price adjustment is conducive to enterprise in the cost of gas is greatly reduced.
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