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Application of automatic proportioning and blending technology in pre baked anode

Application of automatic proportioning and blending technology in pre baked anode

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In the process of production of aluminum electrolysis anode, the burden is a very important process. Ingredients are in accordance with the requirements of the formula, the production process of various sizes of aggregates and powder, binder, respectively, weighing and agglomeration. The ingredients include three aspects: first, choose the variety of raw materials and the use of different raw materials; second, determine the size of the aggregate and powder composition; third, select the type and use of the binder. The quality of the product and the finished product rate of the finished product is very big. In order to optimize the production process and expand the scope of the market, it is demonstrated that the PLC system is selected by the application of the domestic equipment.
Main technical and economic indicators of the system:
1) the accuracy of the static balance: 0.2%
2) dynamic weighing control accuracy: + 2 kg
3) batching speed: 1800 kg /12min
4) with oil speed: 350 kg /12min
5) on the compressed air requirement: 0.55 ~ 0.7Mpa
6) with gas: 0.2m3/h
7) cabinet work environment: 0 ~ 25 degrees without dust
Technological progress of the technology:
1) will be changed into the fixed mobile batching weighing hopper;
2) with the process of oil distribution, the design and manufacture of linear conical pneumatic control valve is used to realize the automation of oil distribution process;
3) to ensure the quality of the work will be kneading, kneading machine into the monitoring range of the system, to avoid misoperation.
The application of PLC system in the production process control, the application practice proved: the system of data collection, automatic batching system control reasonable, control scheme and operation procedures, improve the accuracy of the matching and the quality of the ingredients, reduce the production cost, reduce the labor intensity, effectively protect the production environment. Has significant economic and social benefits.