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Ji'nan energy conservation and Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association held the inaugural meeting

Ji'nan energy conservation and Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association held the inaugural meeting

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On the morning of April 29, Jinan energy saving and resource comprehensive utilization association inaugural meeting held in Shunhe International Hotel, Vice Mayor Zhang Zongxiang, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Shaoling attended the founding conference and unveiled the plaque for the association. City Commission by letter Wang Hongzhi, director of the municipal departments, 82 member units and 56 individual members of about 150 people attended the meeting. Meeting by the Municipal Commission by letter Tang Zhong, deputy director of the.
After the establishment of the association's main task. One is to actively promote the implementation of the "energy conservation law" and the national, provincial and municipal regulations and standards for energy conservation. Two is the city's energy development and utilization, energy conservation management, energy saving technology, comprehensive utilization of resources, the development of circular economy, to carry out clean production and other research, to provide recommendations for the relevant departments. Collect, sort out the dynamic and development direction of domestic and international energy conservation, recycling economy and energy management, energy conservation, new technology, new materials, new equipment, new technology, new product information. Three is to carry out economic and technical advisory services to help enterprises to carry out development strategy research, product development, project feasibility studies, project feasibility studies, etc.. Four is to carry out energy-saving, recycling economy, clean production and comprehensive utilization of resources and international exchanges and cooperation, the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced experience and technology, to help enterprises to explore the international market. Five is to the government departments to reflect the demands and suggestions of enterprises. Six is to carry out energy-saving, recycling economy, clean production and comprehensive utilization of resources related business.
Zhang Zongxiang, vice mayor of the association of the work of the three requirements. One is to keep in mind the purpose of the office, to strengthen its own construction. Association is a civil society groups, to adhere firmly to the private, public management, public benefit principles and "independent, autonomous, self-supporting, self do policy, and gradually build in accordance with the operation mode of the actual City Association. To give full play to the role of bridge and link, and strive to make the association between the government and enterprises to contact, communication and exchange of the platform, so that the association has become the government's staff, the company's home. At the same time, the association should strengthen its own construction, earnestly fulfill their duties, and the operation mechanism of the market and improve the association, with its own perfection and effectiveness, and constantly enhance the cohesion and solidarity, and strive to achieve stable and rapid development of the association. Two is to strengthen coordination and cooperation, to carry out investigation and research. Association to the industry, enterprises, universities and research institutions of energy conservation management, research experts, engineering and technical staff gathered to form a strong research team, the work of energy saving and reducing consumption system comprehensive study, truly become the city's energy saving think tank. To work closely with the national and provincial authorities to strengthen the horizontal and vertical exchanges and cooperation. At the same time, we should combine the regional characteristics, industrial structure, targeted, focused on the development of high energy consuming industries, enterprises and the specialized areas of research, to the government put forward targeted policy recommendations, to further promote energy saving work, scientific and technological. Three is to strengthen the service awareness, and promote the development of enterprises. Service is the foundation of the association, the foundation of trust, the source of development. To service enterprises as the starting point and starting point, around the needs of enterprises, and do a good job of enterprise services, and effectively do practical things for the enterprise. To adapt to the requirements of the new situation, actively improve the work style, in-depth investigation and research, and timely to the government and the relevant departments to reflect the industry, member demands, and put forward suggestions for energy saving and consumption, and promote the healthy development of enterprises.
He stressed that the relevant departments to actively create a good environment for development of the association, the Association for the advancement of solving problems, the provision of quality and efficient services. We should actively guide the association to establish a working platform, and vigorously develop consulting, training, technology promotion and other business scope, to further enhance the city's corporate energy saving and reducing consumption.