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Jinan Zhonghai Carbon Products Co., Ltd

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Jinan Zhonghai Carbon, locates in Pingyin County, Jinan City, Shandong Province, P.R. China. Pingyin, as the home of rose and home of Erjiao, has a long history and a pleasant climate. Jinan Zhonghai Carbon is about 2km away from the nearest high way. 
Established in 2013, Jinan Zhonghai Carbon, with registered capital of 200 million CNY, has total assets worth of 1 billion CNY, covers 50 acres, and has more than 800 employees including 60 senior engineers and technicians.
Jinan Zhonghai Carbon has annual capacity of 400,000 tons of Pre-baked Carbon Anode which is used as current conductor and participate in electric chemical reactivity with Alumina (ALF3) to produce primary aluminum in cells of primary aluminum smelters. It is equipped with four shaft calciners with 80 kilns of each one and total annual capacity of 400,000 tons calcined petroleum coke, two green carbon anode block production lines with total annual capacity of 550,000 tons green anode blocks, and four ring type open top baking furnaces with 40 sections and 2 firing system every furnace.
Jinan Haiyun Carbon Technology Company affiliate of Jinan Zhonghai Carbon, is the position of independently designing Pre-baked Carbon Anode Plant. Another affiliate of Jinan Zhonghai Carbon - Haitai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is in the position of manufacturing equipment and facilities for Pre-baked Carbon Anode Plant.
Jinan Zhonghai Carbon, has the capability of producing Pre-baked Carbon Anode according to customer requirements. Some key parameters of its Pre-baked Carbon Anode already meet and exceed industrial standard – YS/T 285-2012. It laboratory is equipped with many advanced testing equipment such as X-ray Spectrometer (Anode/coke) from Burker, RDC-146/3 CO2 reactivity – Anode, RDC-1513/3 Air reactivity – Anode, RDC-145 Air Permeability and RDC-158/1 Thermal Expansion – Anode, and so on, with which Jinan Zhonghai Carbon can test and analyze all parameter of Pre-baked Carbon Anode.
Jinan Zhonghai Carbon already got through ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System Certification, ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management System Certification and OHSAS 18001-2017 Certification. 
Jinan Zhonghai Carbon invested to build another Pre-baked Carbon Anode Project in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China. This project, with designed annual capacity of 800,000 tons Pre-baked Carbon Anode, will cost around 3billion CNY and cover 151 acres.
Jinan Zhonghai Carbon, holds the business philosophy of “Adherence to standards, Performance of the contract, High quality and Reputation first”, on the basis of complete facilities, many years experiences of management and mature technology, is the pursuit of developing into first-class Pre-baked Carbon Anode Manufacturer and Supplier.
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