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Jinan Hairun Cabon Technology Co., Ltd

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Jinan Hairun Carbon Engineering Design Institute is located in the institute of Jinan Zhonghai Group, it is a professional design institute of carbon industry, and design content mainly includes: the design and planning of carbon production equipment, production technology improvement, energy-saving transformation, carbon anode and cathode, graphite electrode, special graphite, chemical graphite, environmental protection equipment and other products.
Since the establishment of Institut, with good design quality and excellent technical services, Jinan Hairun Design Institute of Engineering Science and Technology has obtained wide praise in carbon industry and good reputation of users
Adhering to people first, continuous introduction of high-quality talents and continuous renewal of design concept, Jinan Hairun Design Institute of Engineering Science and Technology has good reputation, in accordance with requirements of the international rules, and adhering to the target of  "quality first, user first, technological innovation and sound development" the Design Institute strengthens own construction, gives full play to own strengths, strives for absorbing domestic and overseas advanced scientific and technological achievements, constantly improves design quality and design level, strives for first-class design institute, and provides more excellent services for users.
Dean of Design Institute: Sun Siqing